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85th Annual Tribal Assembly

Theme: "Our People, Our Land, Our Purpose"

October 1, 2020

Agenda / Agenda at a Glance / 84th Annual Tribal Assembly Minutes
Facebook Live Event / Press Release

Event Summary

Tribal Host: William E. Martin Video / Bio
Tribal Hostess: Corrine M. Garza Video / Bio
Community Council of the Year Awards:

Large Community Council of the Year:

Small Community Council of the Year:

Adopted Amendments to Standing Rules of Order: Click Here
Committee Membership: Click Here
Election Results:


  • Richard J. Peterson

Vice Presidents

  • 1st: Catherine Edwards
  • 2nd: William Micklin
  • 3rd: Rob Sanderson Jr.
  • 4th: Tasha Hotch
  • 5th: Delbert Kadake
  • 6th: Ralph Wolfe

Chief Justice

  • Lisa Lang

Delegate/Citizen of the Year

  • Cindy Leask

Emerging Leader

  • Simon Friday

Resolutions Adopted (Consent Calendar)

Resolutions Deferred to Executive Council


Standing Committee Reports:

Enrollment Committee Report
Judiciary/VAW Task Force/Tribal Court Report
Audit Committee Report / Audit Approval
Finance Committee Report / Budget Approvals

Administrative & Other Reports:

State of the Tribe Address
Chief Operating Officer Report
Chief Financial Officer Report
Chief Development Officer Report
• THTBC / KIRA Report
Emerging Leader

President's Award Banquet & Language Fundraiser

President's Awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Dennis Demmert

Everyday Hero Awards
• Culture Bearer: Virginia Oliver
• Emerging Leader: Simon Friday
• Hold Each Other Up: Matt Carle Sr.
• Inspiring Educator: Mary Cruise
• Language Warrior: David R. Boxley
• Tribal Ally: Colleen Echohawk
• Youth Mentor: Kyle Worl



If you have questions regarding Tribal Assembly, please contact Helene Bennett:
Toll Free: 800.344.1432 ext. 7306 | Local: 907.463.7306 | Fax: 888.493.5169